Why Uncle Sam Hates Bruce… But Loves Your Tax Dollars!

They  Only Want Your Money!

Aside from 20 years of whistle-blowing as a former federal agent, the below web site and BBC Radio interviews in 2004-2005 to help maimed Iraqi kids get organ transplants really ticked off Bush and Company as the project would draw publicity to the 8,000 innocent children maimed and over 1,000+ killed in Iraq by U.S. weaponry – many times deliberately, or at the very least with callous disregard that children were known and seen to be in target zones.  This web site was constantly being hacked by Uncle Sam and constantly put back up on a weekly basis. Then all the phone calls to an from Iraq were blocked and finally the VODI email account was locked after volunteers from the Arab league tried to help and began relaying medical data through Jordan. http://express-press-release.net/12/WAR%20VETERANS%20DONATE%20ORGANS%20TO%20IRAQI%20CHILDREN%20MAIMED%20IN%20WAR.php

At around the same time, Toronto General Hospital received instructions to stop conducting tissue testing on the first donor (Bruce) who had already had two screenings completed in order to donate bone marrow, 1 kidney, and a liver section.  Three other American Vietnam veterans were ready to donate and were on standby for tissue testing when Uncle Sam made sure nobody in Canada would cooperate with the program.  You can still download and listed to one of the BBC radio interviews at


The first five patients were tentatively lined up before communications were completely blocked. The below speaks for itself…

Below was the first paperwork received for the first transplant recipients.  When communications were cut off, so was hope for these kids:


Prior to coming to Canada with his Canadian wife Bruce was a whistle blower from the time he enlisted  in the U.S. Coast Guard at age 18 and became the first non-petty officer life boat coxswain as a seaman in Coast Guard history – just 9 months out of basic training. He then went on to become a petty officer 3rd class as a Boatswain Mate assigned to an 82 Foot Patrol Boat and then later to a helicopter air station in Puerto Rico assigned to the Security Office where he caught officers stealing expensive aircraft radios and avionics as well as a $50,000 chandelier from the officer’s club, and others stealing confiscated drugs. When he began snooping around the alleged “suicide” of radioman Patrick Westphal, was when he was transferred to the air station. In all Bruce would report or otherwise expose over 15 government and 3 corporate crimes over the next 25 years that would get him permanently flagged and targeted for persecution and false prosecutions, just as was Chip Tatum, Erling Ingvaldsen, and host of others who reported government crimes. Here is a quick summary of the crimes reported/exposed by Bruce…

1974-1977 – The U.S. Coast Guard grand thefts and probable murder of RM3 Patrick Wesphal related to drug thefts (Bruce was honorably discharged in 1977 and as a PADI Scuba Instructor opened a water-sports business in Puerto Rico) Commander Frank Ballou and Bruce insisted Westphal was murdered but they were not allowed to investigate and both were transferred to new duty stations. Westphal was the radioman on duty when confiscated drugs were stolen at the Coast Guard base.

1978-1980 –  Discovered and exposed the secret Dow Chemical Storage plant in Aguadilla and as the elected Chairman of the Ramey Community Council, led a protest march with other community leaders of over 1,000 protesters on a 20 mile protest march to the Governors office. (See San Juan Star and El Mundo Newspaper archives). Dow was ordered to remove the facility and leave the island. The corrupt politician involved (Buenaventura Esteves) had to retire.

1978-1979 – Discovered and exposed via a San Juar Star article and photos, the theft of public beach sand from Jobos Beach in Isabela Puerto Rico of over 5,000 tons of sand and damaged palm trees. The builder responsible was prosecuted and compelled to replace all the sand and the 38 palm trees destroyed.


1980-1981 – As an employee of the U.S. Justice Department he reported the beatings and rapes of Immigration detainees held at the Krome Detention Center in Miami, Florida. Those reported were transferred and Bruce was blackballed for his efforts to expose his corrupt co-workers, so he took a job as an air traffic controller. Kevin Hill from the UK was just one of many victims.

1981-1982 – As an air traffic controller trainee in at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, Bruce was in the top 5% of his class when he became a witness to a sexual harassment incident.  The following week he fell down a flight of stairs and fractured his tail-bone. He was put on temporary medical leave until he could sit in a classroom again. But while on leave he was asked to sign a false statement to the affect that he did not really see nor hear an instructor grab the ass of a female student. He refused to lie on the statement. After his recycling was repeatedly postponed in retaliation he resigned and went back home to Miami.

1982-1983 – With three bachelor degrees and being fluently bi-lingual Bruce was hired by a huge Fortune 500 Company (Carrier Air Conditioning) as the Area Marketing Manager for Latin America, the youngest executive to ever hold the position. On his first business trip to Jamaica however he learned that CAC was selling over three million dollars of  room air conditions to Cuba via false invoicing to the Jamaican distributor. After reporting the matter to his boss, he was suddenly an outsider, and when the Miami office moved to Syracuse, he decided to remain in Miami.

1984 – He took a job with the IRS in the collections division and was soon working undercover on an organized crime case and then was being considered for promotion to the Inspection Division of the IRS (Internal Affairs). As luck would have it, his partner IRS Agent Liston Smith found the rumored “IRS Hit List” of big campaign donors to Gov. Bob Graham. Bruce was a witness and was debriefed by the FBI who later claimed that Attorney General Ed Meese, Senator Paula Hawkins, and the IRS Commissioner were involved. After being asked by the FBI if they would testify in court, Bruce and Liston both said “yes”.  Within the next 30 days, Bruce was arrested on fake bribery charges and Liston was found murdered in his apartment. Never being arrested before and being told by prosecutors he would go to prison for 10 years if convicted and get probation if he pled guilty, he agreed to plead guilty. But prior to sentencing a black woman lawyer convinced him he should not admit to something he didn’t do and to revoke his plea and go to trial. Bruce tried to due exactly that but the Judge refused to let him revoke his plea and sent him to prison for 5 years!  That same judge (Alcee Hastings) was himself arrested and impeached from the bench six month later – for corruption.

While imprisoned at MCC Miami he met all the Contragate pilots and crews and befriended a lot of political prisoners. Bruce began to interview them for a book he decided he would write about how the courts are used to discredit people and isolate disclosure threats. Those he met and interviewed included George Morales, Gary Betzner, Jesus Garcia, Mike Tolliver, Erling Ingvaldsen, etc. It was during these interviews that he also met Renee Benitez, Eduardo Garray, and other Cali Cartel kingpins and learned that some American officials were deeply involved in drug smuggling. When prison officials caught Bruce writing letters about this to Senator John Glenn and Senator Metzenbaum, and Congressman Mottl, they stole his mail and locked him up in solitary confinement for 9 months, but not after have met a huge lawyer named Steve Finta and a corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson who were recruiting two types of prisoners; 1) Snitches and 2) Operations people. Bruce was not interested but because he had 7 years of contacts in Puerto Rico where he also took flying lessons, Terry kept prodding him to help set up an airstrip in Southwest Puerto Rico. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,XXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Bruce reported them upon his release in 1990, 4 years before Chip Tatum and FBI Supervisor Ted Gunderson also made the same accusations. See: http://www.stewwebb.com/Gene_Tatum_FBI_Terry_Nelson_and_Montana_Drugs_1996.htm In 1993 Steve Finta took a contract out on Bruce who dodged a bullet in a drive-by shooting at Fort Apache Marina by less than 12 inches. Nelson was caught red-handed with load of cocaine in Saskatechwan in 1997 on an indian reservation by some honest mounties who didn’t buy Nelson’s “sting” story.  Nelson was arrested but jumped bail and was never sought for extradition. Why? Read Chip Tatum’s interviews. Some of Bruce’s friends from prison went to work for Nelson and confirmed that he and Finta along with a certain Canadian duo replaced Ochoa and Escobar as the largest smugglers of coacaine into America – Via Canadian indian reservations.  http://www.copi.com/articles/Montana/980302.html  There is a Part II to this story, but let’s move on…

1990 – During his 7 years in Puerto Rico, Bruce was also very active as a Red Cross volunteer and aside from being a First Aid, Water Safety, Lifesaving, and CPR instructor, he was also the disaster relief coordinator under Iris Ramirez the regional director. So when Bruce moved to Miami he resumed his volunteer work with the Red Cross, until… he discovered the blood in the Miami blood bank was not being tested for HIV and only Hepatitis and imported blood from third world countries was being mislabeled and sold to local Florida Hospitals. When he asked Dr. Lenes (the Miami director) about this he was basically told to mind his own business in a polite way. Bruce sent out a warning fax to every surgeon in Miami and Fort Lauderdale advising of the blood problem and also advised the FDA and 60 minutes (anonymously).  The FDA moved in immediately with inspections and shut down three blood banks and then two more. FDA Director David Kessler took the Red Cross to court and it was discovered that at least 300 people in America contracted AIDs. CBS 60 Minutes did a full segment on the story with Ms. Viera.  Because of this incident Bruce became an HRS-certified AIDS counselor volunteer and he got involved in autologous blood banking and anonymous AIDS testing. He founded the American AIDS Awareness Association, produced a 2 hour documentary video, and appeared on local television and radio shows to promote anonymous AIDs testing because at the time people feared being part of quarantine database if they tested positive. It was controversial but the ACLU sided with Bruce http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/man-of-letters-6364306.  Here’s a question for you… If he did not alert all those surgeons in Florida, the FDA, and CBS, how many blood banks would have kept on distributing tainted blood and how many more Americans would have died from AIDS?  Although most people do not like whistle blowers, at times they actually do some good in the world.

1993 – At this point in time Bruce was a Sales Manager for Champion Marine in Miami and sold expensive boats to all sorts of people including one former U.S. Justice official named Edward Myles Chism who was a multi-millionaire President of a company called American Financial Group. Bruce sold him a fast boat and then taught the man how to use and dock it.  They became friends and soon Bruce was working for AFG, a company that had a lot of shady dealings and even shadier clients in Washington. As it turned out Steve Finta and Terry Nelson were also clients of AFG and a man named Donald Gregg and a woman named Katherine Harris. Here I am not allowed to disclose more. Why?  Maybe the below photo of Bruce’s kitchen window in Canada can explain better than I. Bruce did not come to China to watch the Olympics. He came to keep his family alive and safe. Bruce has not seen his wife nor kids in 4 years. Both he and his business associate Al Chalem were advised to leave the country. Bruce did and Chalem did not.  Chalem was found with 5 bullets in his head. Bruce is still breathing. Perhaps one day the rest of this story can safely be told. It involves the murders of Ted Gunderson (poisoning) Canadian John Pierre Gonyou (fake drug overdose) Chalem (executed) and Cliff Baxter (fake suicide). For now the above should tell you that things are never what they seem to be when the government controls the news media and uses the courts as a political weapon. https://americanfinancialgroupfraud.wordpress.com/


Over the last 25 years there have been five attempts on the life of Bruce. Two occurred in Toronto while he was kept 10 months jailed in illegal maximum security “immigration detention” which one immigration adjudicator finally admitted “was at the specific request of the U.S. government”.  A firebomb was planted in his Beijing apartment after he secretly met with a high ranking Mountie and DEA agent who traveled to see Bruce in China and admitted they knew “you told everyone the truth in Toronto”.  (Many of these conversations were recorded). The firebomb was linked to a light switch on the wall but Bruce, being a pilot recognized the smell of high octane aviation gas and found/disarmed the device. In August of 2013, a sniper took a shot at who they thought was Bruce, but turned out to be a short chubby Chinese girl with short hair and the same height as Bruce. She was his Chinese instructor/translator. The bullet missed her head by 10 centimeters. See her statement below.

At Metro West Detention Center in Toronto a prisoner unknown to Bruce, attempted to stab him with a shank but a former Toronto Cop (15 year veteran Abraham “Chris” Bailey) grabbed the assailant and saved Bruce’s life. Not long afterwards, someone drugged Bruce and hung him in his cell while he was unconscious to make his death appear as a suicide. Another cellmate got up to take a leak and found him in time. Previoulsy in Miami he was the target of a sloppy drive-by shooting arranged by Nelson’s partner – Atty Steve Finta, who has a controversial history of his own.

Bruce took 16 years to author a book about all of the above and quite a bit more, but when his son was born his wife made him promise not to publish the book. Twice over the last 20 years U.S. federal agents without any warrants seized the manuscripts to Bruce’s book at gunpoint in the presence of several witnesses, some of who were threatened with deportation “if you attempt to help Bruce in any way.” Threats made to Bruce and his wife, as well as to his business associate Al Chalem motivated Bruce to seek sanctuary in Canada. He did not expect Canada to help American politicians conceal their crimes. Dick Cheney, Ed Meese, Katherine Harris, George & Jeb Bush owe Canada huge favors. Every Member of Canada’s Parliament should obtain an read a copy of Bruce’s manuscripts (7 copies remain secreted with friends around the world) to understand what a great ally they have South of the border that knowingly allows Canadian investors to be swindled of $43 Million USD, and actually helps corrupt federal agents smuggle more than $1Billion USD of cocaine into Canada.


The same year FBI Agent Terry Nelson was caught smuggling drugs in Saskatchewan by the Mounties, President Bill Clinton commended Bruce for his volunteer AIDS counseling and activism in Florida. Nelson was arrested, indicted, and skipped bail before the court file was sealed. Why? BTW… This Nelson/Finta smuggling ring that Bruce first reported in 1990 (and again in 1995, and again in 2001) was also confirmed by former CIA Pilot Chip Tattum in 1994 and FBI Los Angeles Supervisor Ted Gunderson.  (Photos below)

For there confirmation efforts, Chip Tatum was arrested on BS charges and Ted Gunderson, a 20 year FBI veteran was poisoned. In a famous video interview Gunderson made with Chip, Tatum admitted meeting Terry Nelson at the Bush family’s Florida hime, which confirmed Nick Navarro’s claim that Terry “worked for the Bush family and would never see prison bars”. A former FDLE investigator and Florida PI made similar assertions. Chip told his story in 1994. Here he is in 2012, losing his good looks and hair…


Ted Gunderson was a highly respected FBI agent who gave his life for the truth about his corrupt FBI colleague.  He also joined Bruce, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and Canada’s Parliament in exposing the toxic hazards of chemtrails.

 27 eyewitnesses including complete strangers, lawyers, court clerks, a dentist, a newspaper & TV reporter, and others have given written statements to confirm Bruce’s version of events. Bruce offered to take polygraph tests and was ignored. America launched a phony extradition against Bruce even though he was not indicted for any crime and no charging documents were provided to the Extradition Court. Bruce’s lawyer was himself arrested on August 14th 2001 and then bought off to sabotage Bruce’s case. The lawyer was rewarded with a huge contract to represent a local police department and allowed to take Bruce’s childhood home in Ohio in a civil case where Judge Janet Burnside ignored the testimony of three credible eye-witness and allowed obviously perjured testimony to prevail. At Bruce’s own extradition hearing he was not even allowed to speak in the court room! Five of his witnesses were not called, and when witness Erling Ingvaldsen started talking about government corruption in America and how he overheard people saying they were going to kill Bruce his testimony was ended and he was not allowed to retake the stand.  Bruce filed a 200 page Ethics Complaint against his lawyer named Gilmour, who even accepted a check from the man the FBI and RCMP said was responsible for the threats against Bruce and the murder of Al Chalem.  A copy of that complaint was submitted to the Courts in Toronto as evidence of “ineffective assistance of counsel” but the Appeals Court Ruled they would not accept any “new evidence” including the 9 page sworn report of Private Investigator Ed Reiken seen below at the end of this post. Here is a copy of that complaint: http://BrucesLawSocietyComplaint.wordpress.com

After eight years and over $80,000 in legal fees that bankrupted his family, Bruce was finally extradited, but then the most bizarre thing happened…

Upon arrival to New York he was finally indicted but he was not arraigned for months even though the law says you must be arraigned and enter a plea within 72 hours of arrest. The public defender’s office said they could find no file on Bruce. After three months of sitting in jail Bruce filed his own Habeas Corpus motion pro se and sent a copy to Honorable Jack Weinstein.  Bruce was finally arraigned after 3 months. The AUSA also admitted they could not find the file of a guy they just spent 8 years and about $500,000 to extradite from Canada!

Bruce chose to represent himself and filed a motion for dismissal pro-se. Judge Weinstein, one of the few remaining old-school judges with integrity and respect for due process of law,  granted the motion and ordered that the charges be dismissed and Bruce released from custody so he would not have to rule on the more controversial Habeas Corpus motion which had damning evidence as exhibits about murders and other crimes committed by U.S. officials related to the Enron fiasco and FBI informant who was murdered (Al Chalem).  Judge Jack B.Weinstein told the US Attorney that if they had “any further business with Mr. Gorcyca you have ten days to file something with the courts” and told Bruce he was free to rejoin his family.  Bruce rejoined his family in Canada for Christmas. It was a grand and happy reunion. The nightmare was over. Ten days passed with no new problems.

But… on the 11th day, the US government charged him again, and notified Canada that Bruce had a new charge. Canada was not going to be part of a second bogus extradition however. Instead they just told Bruce “You have to leave Canada” although no legal grounds were provided. MP Omar Alghabra who chaired Parliaments Immigration  Commission was consulted and he advised Bruce he had every right to remain in Canada. Remember, Bruce’s wife and son are life-long Canadian citizens. But Immigration Canada said that if Bruce did not leave “voluntarily” he would be deported and according to Canadian laws, anyone who is deported can never return to Canada. Immigration Expert Marshal Drukarsh was consulted. It was suggested and then confirmed by Alghabra that if Bruce left “voluntarily” he could return is 3-6 months and remain for six months with his family and then apply for residency. Immigration Canada confirmed this would be acceptable. So Bruce, not having any money left to mount yet another legal battle made a “voluntarily departure” which was really coerced under false pretenses. He left Canada with his wife 3 months pregnant with their second son expecting to return in 3 to 6 months. He was secretly advised by a Canadian official that America was planning to ambush him, and that he should take only a direct flight to China or Russia. Bruce left for China in October of 2008 expecting to be home in January of 2009. He had no idea that America would put him on a “no fly list” after he arrived in China and then refuse to renew his passport!

Let there be no doubt that America persecutes any and  all whistle-blowers and political prisoners who want to report their crimes and abuses. When Bruce arrived in Canada he filed a report with Amnesty International less than a week before he was arrested by 20 swat team members in 2000 at his Canadian home. This report detailed how he and other federal prisoners in America were regularly abused, tortured (mentally and physically), and even murdered, as detailed below in sworn affidavits and a medical report. He also confirmed the existence of prison factories and how prisoners were coerced to do labor or punished with solitary confinement if they refused. Bruce also reported the murder of federal prisoner Ralph Steele by prison guards who falsely recorded the prisoner’s death as a ‘suicide”.  Bruce filed a refugee claim in Canada that was never heard in 8 years!

Who is Gary Erbe aka Gary Betzner?  Both Senator Kerry & Oliver North know him well. You can meet him here in this 3 minute video…



The following medical report was obtained almost ten years ago after an expert dermatologist in Toronto examined scar tissues on Bruce’s body.  None of these abuses were every allowed to be discussed during court proceedings and when they were mentioned at the immigration detention hearrings, the transcripts were censored as can easily be proven:

The below sworn statement is one of 19 obtained from third parties that never even met Bruce and is from a Dateline Investigator named Ty West who tried in vain to interview Bruce regarding the murder of his partner at the IRS, Liston Smith, as he learns about “The Magic Bus”

In 2009 after Bruce was visited by U.S. and Canadian officials in China, people unknown began tampering with his court records, started smearing him on the internet, and started deleting over 100 blog article Bruce authored about war crimes, political corruption, torture, secret prisons, election fraud, chemtrails, etc. http://www.worldissues360.com/index.php/view-article/114033/ A fraction of his writings still remain online and you can google them. Here is one example of the creative smear campaign:

There are over 200 other documents and statements including one from the late Peter Jennings of ABC News that indicate people conspired to discredit Bruce and then try to kill him when he would not shut up about his information about prison murders, corrupt federal agents smuggling drugs into Canada and the U.S., money laundering on Wall Street, and how certain officials of the Bush administration were business partners with Noriega through AFG and others profited of Enron through massive insider trading (the true reason informant Al Chalem was murdered). Bruce himself admits that he is no angel, but in most cases he did not choose to become a witness by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  

He worked five years in federal law enforcement, was a Fortune 500 executive, an air traffic controller, a Red Cross volunteer, and coached little league baseball and football in Canada and China.  Below is a painting Bruce made in China relating to his days of solitary confinement, and a poem he wrote way back in 1986 – one of many that were confiscated by the U.S. government – a government that claims “freedom of speech” is a right of ever citizen. Yet people are locked away in solitary confinement for trying to write letters to their congressmen, and burned with cigarettes and sleep-deprived to coerce false statements in U.S. prisons from innocent citizens – not terrorists.

The China Exile Begins…

Bruce also made some amazing discoveries in China where he found U.S. officials investing millions of dollars in Chinese ventures. He learned first hand in 2009 what Snowden would partially disclose in 2013, that U.S. government snoops were monitoring Canadian officials of opposition parties and then relaying the transcripts to the PM.  He also learned something Snowden never revealed. The U.S. can and does remove and add files remotely to computers belonging to “people of interest” and can also  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX an

and by doing so they can delete exculpatory evidence, and fabricate incriminating evidence.

Despite past betrayals by U.S. law enforcement officials, Bruce still offered to share information of a human trafficking ring he stumbled upon in China that was/is bringing 50-100 XXXXXXXXX every month into Canada. He offered to infiltrate this group only in exchange for sanctuary in Canada to reunite with his family. Some honest mounties were willing to proceed but were told to have no further contact with Bruce “by Ottawa”.  All of the preceding can be documented by either sworn statements, recordings, or eye-witnesses.

BTW… Bruce filed a well documented 35 page complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel proving that perjury was committed by former counsel, judicial procedure was violated and that documentary evidence (a hand written retainer agreement signed by that lawyer) was totally ignored along with the sworn affidavits/testimony of witnesses Stone, Arnold, Sanchez, and Bruce’s wife and took only the word of a lawyer who was forced to resign from his law firm over a billing fraud identified by Revenue Canada The same presiding judge (Burnside) denied Bruce the right to testify in his own behalf via video link, since the proceeding was filed in Ohio by the same crooked lawyer who knew better than anyone else, that Bruce was under two separate court orders not to leave Ontario, Canada.  If you know someone is not allowed to show up in court and prove you are lying, you can make any claim you like and that is exactly what Gilmour did after he first tried, and failed to extort Bruce’s wife. The Law Society complaint and claim to the Supreme Court speak for themselves, and when copies are delivered to this writer they will also be posted online. You can read that complaint at this link here:  http://ohiocourtroomcorruption.blogspot.com/2015/03/bruce-is-tried-in-absencia-how.html

A Toronto Law Professor had this to say about Bruce’s case:

Solicitor Gilmour Summarized In Above Letter and 200 Page Law Society Ethics Complaint.

(For a copy of that complaint and 29 exhibits send an email to BruceGorcyca@yahoo.com)

In Canada, the acknowledged expert of extraditions is Solicitor Gary Botting of British Colombia. Ask his legal opinion on the following 3 questions:

1) Can an unindicted American citizen be extradited from Canada only so they can be jailed and not prosecuted?

2) Can an extradition hearing be valid and legal if there are no charging documents to review or contest (Even the judge was not presented with charging documents)

3) Can the person being extradited be denied his right to testify and address the court? (See the transcripts how Bruce asked three times to speak to the court and was denied.)

Bruce did have three honest lawyers in Canada, but the one handling the extradition turned out to be the bad apple that was easy to flip and compromise. This is what one of the honest lawyers had to say below. He had a lot more to say in two sworn affidavits that are in the Law Society complaint as exhibits.

Bruce ALWAYS entered Canada legally under his own name and passport to be with his Canadian wife and son, yet he was detained 10 months illegally by Immigration Canada in maximum security lockdown. Immigration detention hearings in Canada must be open to the public by law. 10 of Bruce’s hearings were secret affairs behind closed doors where even his own wife was not allowed to attend.  Why? It took months to get transcripts of those hearings and one transcript has 88 deletions allegedly due to to “tape skipped” even though a digital recording device was used that does not have any “tape” to skip! Every time that Bruce mentioned corruption, murder, or torture in the U.S. by govt. officials that he witnessed, the transcripts were censored.

Below is how Courts Are Manipulated Just As Whistle blower Author Rodney Stitch was bankrupted in a fake bankruptcy hearing years ago after he exposed government crimes in three incredibly detailed books he authored:



Just so you know… Bruce was never once contacted nor served to attend any hearings of the SEC and nine alibi witnesses and his dental records prove he was in Ohio while the SEC was alleging he was in Florida. Despite never advising, inviting, nor serving him any notice to attend any SEC hearing, they met and ruled against him in absencia – seizing personal family assets and even his elderly mother’s personal bank account that changed less than 5% over the last ten years of her life.  If Uncle Sam thinks or wants you to be guilty, they do not need due process of law.  Further, a judgement was rendered against Bruce by the SEC but they deliberately deliver the judgement to him months after the appeal process expired so he could not legally contest the seizure.

Below are links to articles Bruce has authored that have not been deleted yet:












A Sample Of Bruce’s Editorial Writing 

(From Ohio.com archives)

“Bush needs lessons in civics
It appears President Bush is in dire need of some civics classes so that after eight years in the White House, he might finally come to understand that he is only the president — not the attorney general, Congress or the Supreme Court.

He apparently believes he is all three, as demonstrated by his unilateral, arrogant and self-serving ”executive decision” to grant immunity to all the telephone companies he knowingly instructed to commit criminal acts and eavesdrop on U.S. citizens on American soil.

He has no legal authority to grant such immunity. It is a brazen insult to the Democratic principle of separation of powers. As for ethics, this one is off the charts. But integrity has never been Bush’s strong suit, and this is just another effort to protect himself and staff from future criminal prosecution by granting immunity to potential witnesses against him, Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

The stench of this collusion and corruption is so foul that it makes the Valerie Plame scandal smell like our morning coffee. If Congress and ”We the People” allow him to get away with this arrogance, he will only push the legal envelope even further and grant immunity to entire companies like Haliburton and all his cronies who were awarded those billion-dollar, no-bid contracts in Iraq. And we’ll never find out who stole $9 billion of our tax dollars that went missing three years ago — and still has not been found. That missing (aka embezzled) $9 billion is enough to restore all of New Orleans or give full health coverage to 10 million Americans for five years. I cannot recall any other president more deserving of impeachment than this arrogant schemer who has to grant immunity to witnesses in order to protect himself and friends for violating laws he could not find a way to circumvent.

In fact, King George makes Richard Nixon look like an amateur. The Bush administration is a classic textbook example of organized crime and profiteering. Wake up, Congress, and enforce the laws Bush so deftly evades.
Bruce A. Gorcyca
Parma ”

Bruce penned his first letter to the Editor in 1974 as a Senior at Padua Franciscan High School. It was published with his photo in the Cleveland Press. The Subject was Vietnam.  When he graduated, he enlisted into the U.S. Coast Guard so as he said; “I can save people instead of shooting them in foreign countries”

Bruce’s mother, now deceased, wrote her first letter to a newspaper in 1988 and her is a summary from the Spectator Archives: http://archive.spectator.co.uk/article/30th-july-1988/12/lost-causes

The Daily Star Newspaper



“The Iraq Question:

The crux of this whole Iraq issue, at least in the eyes of Americans, is who to believe. Is Saddam Hussein trying to fool the world, or is President Bush trying to con the American public and our allies? There are plenty of allegations and denials but no real hard proof of anything after six months of beating war drums in the White House. But doesn’t all that Iraqi oil look great?

Indeed, Iraq did in fact have anthrax and other biological and chemical weapons in the 1980s. How do we know this? Because as ABC News and the BBC recently documented quite well, our own US government gave these weapons of mass destruction to Iraq to use in its eight-year war against Iran. US officials had no qualms when these horrific weapons were used to kill thousands of Iranians.

Bruce A. Gorcyca

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada”


“Iraq fast and loose

Just a year ago, I recall president Bush and Donald Rumsfeld assuring all of us that U.S. troops would be greeted as liberators by cheering and elated Iraqi citizens (NOW, March 25-31). American troops are seen for what they are – unwelcome invaders. Let’s call a spade a spade. A democracy imposed is not a democracy. The entire Iraq fiasco was a shameful ruse from day one. I recall nothing in the U.S. Constitution that allows a president or his advisers to get away with mass murder.

Bruce A. Gorcyca


“Where is the accountability with President Bush?

January 2, 2007
By Bruce A. Gorcyca

The present Iraq fiasco and President Bush’s reluctance to admit the
reality of his great burden is proof positive that no one man, no
matter what his real motives may have been, should have so much power
over life-and-death decisions of so many Americans and the poor people
of Iraq who were victimized right from the start with an unprovoked
invasion, occupation and five years of death, destruction and misery
— all allegedly in the name of a “democracy” — imposed by brute
military force.

It all really comes down to a very basic and constitutional issue that
“We The People” need to address and decide, preferably by a public
referendum, an old custom of our democracy once actually used in days
gone by — before all the special-interest groups brought their
millions to Washington.

Seriously, when we elect our leaders, especially the president, are
they elected to serve our will or do they think they have carte
blanche to determine it for us? With President Bush, it has become
crystal clear that he cares very little what polls, study groups,
members of Congress, veteran military advisers, the CIA, the public or
his own advisers think about Iraq, and he continues to let people die
by the score rather than admit his mistakes.

I don’t see much difference between his rogue, cowboy attitude and
those of Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussein and other dictators.

As a former Fortune 500 executive, I could just imagine what would
happen if the CEO ignored the board of directors and claimed to be
more intelligent and qualified to decide the fate of the company and
ignore the voting shareholders. If President Bush cannot be man enough
to admit his mistakes and make immediate amends, he needs to resign or
be impeached — period. America belongs to “We the People,” and our
foreign policies cannot be dictated by a single man who never placed
himself in harm’s way or ever put his own family’s life on the line
for our nation. He is the one of the least qualified people to
determine how our problems in Iraq can now be resolved, as his lack of
knowledge, wisdom and ethics put our troops there in the first place.

It’s time for Congress to step up to the plate and take back all the
life-and-death authority abused by the president over the past six
years and remind us all that their $150,000 salaries are paid to
ensure we have some real checks and balances in our government. Enough
is enough already! A man in denial is not fit to lead our nation, and
his removal is long overdue.

Bruce A. Gorcyca lives in Parma, Ohio.  ”

Unfortunately… Bruce’s articles about the Fallujah War Crimes of 2007, Bradley Manning, Panama Invasion, and 72 others have been deleted from the Internet by persons unknown. He also authored roughly three dozen articles in Puerto Rico for the San Juan Star, El Mundo, and El Reportero newspapers as Alex Maldonado and Andres Viglucci can confirm.  He as authored two books and is fearful about publishing them even though one has to be legally called “fiction” it based heavily on personal experiences in Florida related to the AIDS stigma during the 80s.  The other is an 800 page non-fiction monster he promised his wife not to publish related to the Lords of Wall Street and their laundromats like AFG and the biggest inside traders of all who reside within a 50 mile radius of Washington D.C. and how those who threaten to expose their organized crime enterprise are squashed like bugs or locked away for years on fabricated charges, or intimidated into silence.


Miscellaneous Mysteries:

In 2010 an investigator advised Bruce that someone had “modified” the electronic file version of his Canadian Supreme Court File so that only the first page could be accessed on line and none of the filings made by Bruce who had submitted almost 500 page of exhibits and some recordings as well as the sworn investigative report of Private Investigator Edward Reiken could be reviewed.(see below) Bruce had submitted the report which he maintained constituted “Fresh Evidence” and the Ontario Court of Appeals errored in not even reviewing it (this was their claim even though they kept the document for a week before rejecting it.  Why would someone alter court documents 2 years after the final ruling was made?  Today here is what you find online if you want to review the case:  http://www.scc-csc.gc.ca/case-dossier/cms-sgd/fac-mem-eng.aspx?cas=31903 

Who is behind the censorship? 


Canada illegally extradited an unindicted man to America based on an extradition hearing where no charging documents were available to anyone to review (including the court), and in which Bruce was not even allowed to speak, much less testify, and where five of his witnesses were not called to testify. The only people allowed to testify were two convicted felons so that their testimony could be discarded as “not worthy of consideration”  Furthermore his own attorney failed to subpoena Ottawa Reporter Paul McKay, and local ACLU director Nancy Cameron, and the Immigration Canada official who made some astonishing admissions. Another key witness Solicitor Marshal Drukarsh was standing by less than .5 kilometers away expecting to be called – and he was not. The fix was in.  Bruce was prepared to tell all, and explain the significance of two dozen audio/video recordings of senior American law enforcement officials. He had rehearsed with his lawyer how he would introduce and explain various documentary evidence, phone bills, receipts, and statements obtained that proved it was physically impossibly for him to be in Florida at a time he was clearly in Hong Kong and Ohio, and that the extradition was a political ruse just to obtain and jail a disclosure threat.

Due to the cover-up of the AFG/DoJ scam that Bruce tried to expose, Canadians lost $43 Million dollars while others in America, Germany, and Latin America lost roughly $60 million, and a handful of people  in Washington & New York earned over $1 billion in criminal proceeds. Five people were murdered and two forced into foreign exile to keep their dirty Enron and drug smuggling secrets under wraps. Over a thousand American and Canadian families have been destroyed by no more than a dozen criminals who use the courts and corrupt law enforcement personnel as their personal shields from prosecution.

If any doubt still remains in your mind that the Canadian courts were used to suppress the truth of a major billion dollar scam, you may want to read the Law Society complaint, watch the video given to MP Paul Szabo in 2001, read 19 affidavits, and listen to over two dozen audio recordings of government officials. Or read the manuscripts of Bruce’s book and connect the dots in one month or less.

Many details have been deliberately left out here for safety concern’s of Bruce’s family. What Bruce has been doing in China is pretty much what he was doing before – coaching kids sports, doing some artwork, training, and exposing frauds but in a different way. Because he has been heavily smeared and is now in a precarious situation, his activities in China must remain private. He has been visited five times over the last 6 years by government officials from two countries who sympathize with him, and requested his help with various confidential matters, they have not done anything to help him reunite with his family in Canada.

In China, he has so far exposed the below companies that stopped and/or at least hindered some Chinese-based scams that were/are swindling both Chinese and foreigners for millions of dollars.

* In 2008-2009 he worked for a small company owned by an American who was the brother of a good friend of Bruce’s for 20 years, who had a company that he would later learn, was fleecing start-up companies and Chinese individuals like one hotel owner named Mei. The scam was well concealed and even the 6 employees of the company did not know for over a year what was truly going on since all business was transacted very privately with the customers and the American owner and his Chinese wife. Bruce was the first to suspect a sophisticated fraud was in play and one of the Chinese employees who resigned agreed. Bruce alerted two other foreign employees (One American named Homer and an Australian named John) but they refused to believe they could be part of a crime which can best be described as a ponzi loan scam. Bruce resigned from the company, investigated it and discovered the owner who was the brother to a good friend of Bruce’s was wanted in California by authorities for similar crimes. He then alerted the public with anonymous scam alerts, and the company was forced to shut down. The former employees were not paid and finally admitted that Bruce’s former suspicions were true. The man he exposed was Sam Arnold and the company name was AICG. 

See http://www.cslb.ca.gov/Media_Room/Most_Wanted/Samuel_Neviel_Arnold.aspx and also http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=124726  Bruce also notified past victims and current targets and helped them avoid the swindle (about a dozen people were stopped from losing over $1 million USD.

* When Bruce realized that he was stopped from returning home to Canada in a very underhanded way, his hobby became exposing scams like AICG and in the last six year he has anonymously exposed about 50 such operations using the front of “China Scam Patrol” to conceal his identity.  See http://chinascampatrol.wordpress.com. Also google “China Scam Patrol, cityweekend,”

Bruce has also been “Santa Claus” for over 5,000 Chinese kids at orphanages, poor Hutong neighborhoods, malls, a military base, and a home for disabled seniors. In 2014 he join Ms. World Yu Wen Xia (below) to cheer up some 120 autistic Chinese kids in Beijing.  See below:

Here below Bruce is visiting with 80 orphan kids in a Shunyi orphanage for Christmas in 2013. Most of the kids are from poor provinces like Anhui.

This video shows Bruce at a large Beijing, Mall where he was helping to promote China’s first creativity school for children where he also became one of the directors.


Bruce was part of a creative kids program for 3 years in Beijing that taught kids how to use their own imaginations to solve problems independently and become critical thinkers through role play. He was the Headmaster & BD Director for Drama Rainbow. Here he is with the original staff in 2009.

Bruce also volunteers with various “green projects” like this one below that planted 300 trees in Huairou in cooperation with the Chinese Foreign Experts Bureau (SAFEA). Below he is center-left standing next to one of the SAFEA directors. 

Below Bruce is seen as the first coach of China’s first American Football team in China. Lack of local interest and proper funding has kept the project from making much progress, but at least the kids are having a great time and getting training in both teamwork and discipline.

In China Bruce was the founder of China Scam Patrol which has exposed over a dozen scams that prey upon university students and Chinese investors. Scams that he helped to expose include American Idependent Capital Group, (an advanced fee funding company, China ESL (a recruitment agency that steals as much as 66% of a teacher’s wages) and most recently the entire China Intersnhip Fraud industry. (Google China Internship Scams). Those involved in these scams along with Uncle Sam have smeared Bruce on the internet.  He just recently attempted to expose the smear campaign at this new blog which lasted 4 hours before it was censored!

Government Trolls & Reporters – The Red Herring Specialists

As the world learned with the famous “Miami 5 Case”  and from CNN Whistle-Blower Amber Lyon, the U.S. government covertly implants “reporters” in major and trusted publications to ensure one of five things:

a) The story has a pro-government “spin” (The public protests in Bahrain)

b) The story diverts attention away from the truth (Many 911 WTC7 stories)

c) The story demonizes some individual (Many stories about Julian Assange)

d) Some unjust actions are rationalized or justified (The Bradley Manning viral video)

e) The story sets a justifiable foundation for actions to come (Iraq WMD story)

Read: http://www.freethefive.org/journalists.htm  and also  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/sep/04/cnn-international-documentary-bahrain-arab-spring-repression

In cases related to Bruce… his IRS partner (Liston Smith), who was murdered in 1984 was made out to have been murdered by his “gay lover” in the Miami Herald when in fact he had a girlfriend named Linda from a Caribbean island. Despite being informed of this fact. The Herald made no correction.  The murder remains unsolved and even though the law requires the FBI to investigate the murder of a federal agent, they never did so.  Before going to Washington, Janet Reno admitted “This case smells bad”.

When Bruce’s new business associate, and FBI informant Al Chalem was executed by a Russian mobster who was deliberately given a fake “tip”, government free lance reporter “Gary Weiss” did a great job of blaming the Italian mafia which had nothing to do with murder – at all. But his article stopped people from searching out the truth – for at least a year.  Deep capture outed the truth about Gary here: https://www.deepcapture.com/2008/12/gary-weiss-scaramouch-psychopath/

After Bruce exposed some scams in China and started talking with others about his secret visits and phone calls from federal agents in Canada and China, govt-paid trolls began to attack and smear both Bruce and his family online. When Bruce attempted to challenge the slanderous comments at various forums with documentary proof, his posts were deleted and he was blocked from exposing the lies. See: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?681817-The-Beijinger-Censorship-Scam-Is-Growing-Totally-Unethical

Controlling the public opinion in the internet age is not as difficult as you think. Fully one-third of what was originally posted on-line is not available to your eyes – even in America. Read here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/03/government-censor-internet_n_3535322.html and also http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/02/27/special-report-surveillance-and-censorship-america/

Bruce is still coaching sports for kids…  American baseball is doing much better than American football in China but still more kids are need for more teams. This is Bruce with his team below where he is a volunteer coach, just as he was in Canada with the Erindale Indians Little League team and the Mississauga Kids Soccer League (See last photos below.

At the moment a heavy smear campaign has been launched against Bruce via proxies hired by the U.S. government. Bruce will never be allowed to be a credible witness even though 4 high level senior Canadian mounties and a senior DEA agent admitted privately that everything Bruce told them turned out to be “accurate, true, and helpful” and one even told Bruce’s one honest lawyer… “Your guy has been 100% truthful and all of his claims checked out. But because of all the political baggage from down South, I can’t do a thing to help him, other that protect his family here in Canada.”  That man was decent enough to tell Bruce and his wife the same thing, and took measures to provide 24/7 availability to Bruce’s family by providing the his personal mobile and beeper numbers. The DEA agent who visited Bruce in China said “We’ve been after those guys for years and it makes us all angry to see how they are being protected by Washington. Author Mike Levine encountered similar experiences when he work with the DEA and then wrote his book “The Big White Lie”  What is revealed above is all that can be revealed publicly but if anything happens to Bruce’s family all 812 pages of his book will be published on line in English, Chinese, and Spanish. The threats and harassment must stop!

One final note, when Bruce was brought before Judge Weinstein in New York, the AUSA Ms. Tanya Hill offered Bruce a deal to “plead guilty and go home tomorrow” (Time Served). Bruce refused. Think about why he did so. 

As President Jimmy Carter said six years ago – “America is no longer a democracy”.  Believe it friends.

See: https://afewthoughtsfrombruce.wordpress.com/2014/07/29/american-citizens-are-tortured-on-american-soil-for-years-an-shameful-fact/

To understand how Bruce was sold out by a compromised

and corrupt lawyer who himself was arrested, See:


UPDATE: On June 1st, 2015 Bruce was handed the below “hong bao” envelope with a threatening note inside of only 13 words.  A certain lawyer in Toronto  had been made aware of the matter and provided some recordings to document the previous cooperation of honest law enforcement officials well aware of the crimes Bruce exposed and WHY they are being concealed. This June 1st note contradicts previous messages received to the effect that so long as Bruce remained in China he and his family would be safe and healthy. See: http://sinistersecrets.wordpress.com 

In 1996 Bruce was asked to deliver $1.25 million in cash to a member of Congress to relay (in part to a Governor).  Although the payment was officially campaign contributions, it was also meant to be an installment towards buying General Noriega either a new trial or a Rule 35 sentence reduction that had been promised to a former DoJ official in the presence of Bruce and a beautiful woman.

Bruce was also instructed to carry a bag of cash ($100,000) to the car of a foreign leader’s wife, and to deliver a briefcase to a military officer in Carracas, Venezuela who was just released from prison named Hugo Chavez. He also delivered another briefcase to a lawyer containing $3 million of stock certificates, $150,000 in cash, some sensitive photographs, a very unique document signed by federal judges, a member of Congress, a Mayor, and foreign diplomats, and news clippings in Spanish to a very well know Florida lawyer who represents foreign diplomats in America.

The reason Bruce was asked to make the deliveries, was because if something went wrong, or he was caught, nobody would believe a convicted felon. They convicted Chip Tatum of a trivial felony for the same purpose. Chip and Bruce have reported some of the same crimes over the last 20 years. Convictions are much better than “heart attacks” and car accidents – Just ask Ken Lay and Michael Hastings.

Bruce has two young children and 2 grown children including an autistic 5 year old who he has not seen nor held in 4 years – compliments of Uncle Sam and lawyers who do not want wake sleeping dogs.

If you ever wonder WHY did Bradley Manning plead guilty and end up forfeiting 35 years of his life, you need to understand how the system coerced that guilty plea from him through physical and psychological torture, much the same as when the government wanted to extract a false statement from Bruce (after 12 weeks of torture he still refused to sign it)  Both Bradley and Bruce were kept for months in solitary confinement isolated from friends and family. The full extent of Bradley’s abuse is still unknown, but Bruce was subjected to:

*   Unprovoked Beatings

*   Electrocutions

*   Drugging

*   Hypothermia

*   Water-Boarding (Prison Style – In A Toilet)

*   Sleep Deprivation

*   Insect Infestations

*   Food Tampering

*   Hog Tied For Days

*   Psychological Torment

When a person is subjected to this sort of abuse for a prolonged period of time, they lose track of time and values. They will fall into a state of manic depression or desperation, and do anything to get the harassment and pain to stop. One tortured prisoner made numerous false confessions that like Bradley, stole the balance of his life from him. Is this the American way?  I think not.  This occurs in America only because our collective apathy as “We The People” allows the evil minority to prevail over the majority.  Shouldn’t we all be asking “Don’t our children deserve better than this?”


To read about how Bruce’s own lawyer stole his family home in Ohio read the Law Society complaint and these links here:

http://ohiocourtroomcorruption.blogspot.com/  Over his 60 years of life, Bruce hired 12 lawyers, yet Solicitor Gilmour is the only one who claims he is owed money.  In fact, no other person on Earth claims that Bruce owes them any money – just Gimour. Yet he dodged an assessment deposition for two months. Hmmm…

BTW… If you like movies, watch this one:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn10itGL5iM

One thought on “Why Uncle Sam Hates Bruce… But Loves Your Tax Dollars!

  1. Someone is trying to taint this guy with some nasty slander all over the internet saying he is a wanted pedophile in Canada. If its true then all of this stuff here doesn’t mean squat and he should be locked away forever. If its not true, then somebody really wants to discredit his claims. Is there a web site to check this pedophile charge online?


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